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Defining HR Transformation...

We believe that HR is not about HR but helps the organization win in the market. When HR organizations are well designed, HR professionals spend their energy, time, and attention helping the business respond to the external needs of customers and investors rather than dealing with issues inside the function. They evolve from an administrative and functional role into true business partners - focusing on developing capabilities to build a future-ready organization.

At TalentSite, we define HR transformation as creating fit-for-purpose people functions by aligning HR and business strategy and putting the appropriate roles, structure, processes, capabilities, and system in place that enable HR to deliver real value to the business

To be a truly strategic Business Partner that adds value to the business, the HR department must transform its roles and responsibilities by focusing on organizational identity, agility and preparing talent for business scalability.

3 areas that help the HR function ready its organization for future

3. Scalability

To get the right people at the right time with the right cost to support business to grow rapidly is a top priority for all business leaders. HR will be driving force for many initiatives as below


Have potential talent inside and have time to build


Have no potential talent inside and need urgently


Contingent workforce, consultant, expert


Reskilling and upskilling for redundancies


Retain HIPO, HIPE, critical talent

Create the best employee experience

Best employee experience means a better bottom line. Successful organizations work together with their people to create personalized experiences

Strengthen Leadership and capacity
for change

Culture is the foundation on which exceptional financial performance is built. Leaders lead culture. When leaders lead by role-model, the new behaviors will be formed in the entire organization

Promote company purpose, values and culture

That lead to stronger financial performance, increased employee engagement, and higher customer trust

2. Organizational agility

Organizational agility improves both company performance and employee satisfaction. To be a truly business partner, HR can focus on:

Adopt new organizational

HR can help by developing core elements of the people–management process: flat organization structure, new concept of job description

Create a flexible workforce

Rotation policy to build multi-task force team & career roadmap for agile teams

Introduce next-generation performance management

We identified three practices — managers’ coaching, linking employee goals to business priorities, and differentiated compensation – that will positively affect employee performance. HR plays an important role in embedding these practices

1. Strengthened
organizational identity

Our delivery roadmap

Diagnose with assessment:

Our HR Implementation expert will work with leadership team to understand what you want and the current state of your HR department.

This diagnosis includes an assessment of gaps in HR capabilities & skills required to achieve transformational change in your HR team.

Implement & sustain:

Our HR  implementation experts partner with clients to drive and sustain HR initiatives and practices, ensuring changes last long after we're gone. We often redeploy the assessment to resolve obstacles to impact.

Our capability-building experts deliver blended coaching journeys to build skills required to sustain the change, working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients.

Stage 3


Design with execution-in-mind planning:

Our team of HR execution experts will work together to design an initiate portfolio and implementation plan. This detailed plan will cover three areas of HR Transformation: people, procedures, and practices.

Stage 2


Stage 1


We can translate your organizational capabilities needed to implement new strategy successfully into HR agendas, HR initiatives

We provide blended coaching journeys to build skills required to sustain the change, working shoulder–to–shoulder with our clients

We can suggest an HR model that fits your business model

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