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Workforce Planning

What is Strategic Workforce Planning?

Strategic workforce planning (SWP) is the practice of mapping an organization’s people strategy to its business strategy so they work together in sync, giving leaders confidence that they can deliver on their strategic objectives both now and in the future, in the most efficient way possible.

Reduce vacant positions and increase workforce productivity

Workforce planning can help reduce vacant positions and increase productivity

Decrease hiring costs

Workforce planning can help reduce hiring costs by providing the information HR leaders need to reduce attrition in key segments in which hiring new workers is especially costly

Drive allocation of talent investments

Workforce planning helps determine which talent segments deliver the highest ROI and warrant greater investment. For example, which groups of employees should be targeted with extra dollars for training and development?

Align HR with business strategy

Ensure that HR policies and programs support overall business goals and objectives. If your strategy includes high-touch customer service, will you have the talent to deliver?

Anticipate and plan for change

Quantify the talent requirements to meet business objectives over the short and long term, improve business planning and financial forecasts, establish metrics that help inform leadership about key workforce issues

Why is SWP important now?

You realize that Talent shortage is a major challenge for your company to grow today and tomorrow

You see that your workforce capabilities do not align with the company’s strategic goals

You do not believe that you are hiring the right people with the right skillset for today and tomorrow

You do not know if you are investing enough in critical positions

You are facing with high turnover and low engagement issues

When do you need to do Strategic Workforce Planning?

Our delivery roadmap

1. People issues
& driver

Decoding the

Strategic dialouge

Identifying strategic capabilities &
critical roles

Defining the skill set

2. Workforce optimization

Review current productivity and
cost analysis

Defining standard productivity ratios

Defining optimum workforce

Getting workforce ready for today

3. Workforce
scenario planning

Identifying scope &
job families

Building the workforce supply & demand model


Getting workforce ready for tomorrow

4. Action plan & implementation

Developing talent solutions

Developing implementation plan

Support in implementation

Making the workforce solutions happen

Why TalentSite HR Consulting?

We working shoulder–to-shoulder with you during implementation plan

We can translate your strategy into the skills you will need to deliver on it

We help you understand your legacy workforce, including what it looks like now and how it will evolve over time so you can understand how to close the gap between the workforce you have now and the workforce you will need in the future

Let us be a part of your success story

Speak with a TalentSite consultant.

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